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A is for America, Hardcover/Devin Scillian

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From the British and our Constitution that replaced their rule, to Yellowstone and Zane Grey's stories of the west, A is for America is a sweeping tribute to all we know and love about our country. With delightful poems that beg to be read aloud, and expository text to broaden a reader's horizons, this American alphabet will make you fall in love with the United States over and over again. Bright, beautifully detailed illustrations from California artist Pam Carroll bring each letter to vibrant life, from eagles and Thomas Edison to the veterans of two world wars. Celebrate all that is Americana with A is for America: An American Alphabet. A T as tall as Texas for Thanksgiving and telephone. Harry S. Truman, Harriet Tubman and trips to the Twilight Zone. Times Square on New Year's Eve, a tangy Tootsie Roll. Turning timber into a tall and towering totem pole. Children and adults will delight in finding details of each rhyme on every page. A is for America is a timeless tribute to all we love about the United States.