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Baby's First Signs, Hardcover/Kim Votry

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Every parent knows the frustration of trying to satisfy the demands of an infant too young to communicate his or her thoughts. Now, a growing consensus of researchers agree that not only deaf children but also hearing children can benefit from early exposure to sign language, often learning such basic signs as milk, mother, and change as early as seven months. With this knowledge in mind, Kim Votry and Curt Waller have written and illustrated "Baby s First Signs" and "More Baby s First Signs," two books designed to provide your infant with the means to articulate his or her fundamental desires. "Baby s First Signs" and "More Baby s First Signs" are durable board books, lavishly colored in bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows sure to please your child s eye. Each page features an illustration of a toddler signing a word as well as demonstrating what the sign is about. For example, on the baby page, the toddler makes the sign for baby by mimicking the cradling of a child in his arms while also smiling at his baby sister sitting beside him. The illustrations include both a diagram box that depicts exactly how to perform the sign and the English word in the top left corner, so that your child will learn English and sign language simultaneously. The books cover fundamental expressions such as sleep, cold, eat, and hurt as well as rain, mommy, daddy, and car. Signing is a beautifully tactile way for babies to learn about their world, the authors write. It acknowledges a baby s natural abilities and provides a powerful tool for self-expression. The "Baby s First Signs" books are the ideal place to begin building your baby s library."