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Concluding, Paperback/Henry Green

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Concluding --set in a single summer day--has at its heart old Mr. Rock, a famous retired scientist: he lives in a cottage on the grounds of a girl's boarding school. Living with him is Elizabeth, his somewhat unstrung granddaughter; his white cat; his white goose; and Daisy, his white pig. Miss Edge and Miss Baker--the two inseparable spinster harpies who run the school--scheme to dislodge him from the cottage. Concluding opens with the discovery that two of the schoolgirls have vanished in the night: searching, eavesdropping, worrying, jostling, and giggling all ensue. A love affair, a dance, that magnificent pig, small joys, and low ambitions all stream together, crowding up to the reader's eye, as Henry Green brews up an enchanting, heartbreaking, and darkly sunny novel.