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Esthetician On A Mission Business Building Workbook, Paperback/Joelle Lee

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Description Whether you are an Esthetics student, just starting out, been an Esthetician for years, or wherever you happen to be on your Esthetics journey, and whatever challenges you are facing right now, the exercises in this workbook will help you create an action plan and a clear career path for your life and your business. You know this workbook is for you if: You are new to the Esthetics profession and you want to have a purpose and plan for your career and skincare business.You are feeling unfulfilled and/or struggling in your life and your skincare career.You have grown complacent in your life and career and it no longer serves your best interest.You are feeling frustrated and stuck as an Esthetician.You have been continuously settling for less than what you really want.You find yourself constantly struggling to grow and market your business.If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, then this workbook is for you The exercises in this book CAN and WILL help you create a positive mindset and energy that will change the way you think about yourself and your business This workbook will require you to go within and ask yourself meaningful questions that will inspire and energize you to make the necessary changes in your life that will empower you to create the business and life you truly want rather than settling for less. As you work through the exercises, you will gain insights into the areas of your life or the habitual patterns that have kept you feeling stuck.When I was starting out as an Esthetician over 25 years ago, I had such a difficult time finding support from other Estheticians. I spent alot of those early years feeling frustrated, fearful and insecure about my future success in the Esthetics industry. Well, fellow Estys, I made many mistakes on my journey and I made a vow to myself that if I had the opportunity to experience success on any level I would share those success secrets with other Estheticians. I am so excited about finally being in a position to guide and support fellow Estheticians and colleagues that find themselves facing the same obstacles on their journey that I faced while developing my career. Although, I know at times an Esthetics career can be an uphill battle, I am proof that you can no matter where you are starting from, make the money you want to make and achieve the success that you desire most with the right mindset, support system and success tools and resources needed to make it. I made it and now I want to share my secrets to success with you Congratulations again on taking this GIANT step toward your success I hope you will consider me a mentor or partner on your personal journey and I am wishing you unlimited and abundant happiness and success in your life and your business