Food Additives: The Truth: The True Story of Food Flavouring, Colouring and Preservatives, Plus Much More. What's in Your Food?, Paperback/Mr Mark Plummer image0
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Food Additives: The Truth: The True Story of Food Flavouring, Colouring and Preservatives, Plus Much More. What's in Your Food?, Paperback/Mr Mark Plummer

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Description This book has been written from the standpoint of an unbiased investigation into the 'processed food and additives' industry. An examination of the history, rules and regulations and if in fact, the industry on a whole has the safety and interests of its customers at heart. The author uncovers shocking findings that will hopefully make you reconsider not only the quality and safety of your family's diet but also the legality of the industry. This is not a book highlighting and listing ingredients like so many before it. It is a work to open a debate, a questioning of where we are going and the implications of ignoring the often toxic way our food is made and presented. It's not all bad news, this book also discusses breakthroughs and benefits of certain food processing and additives Without a doubt, the propaganda machines are working at full strength with investments running into the 100's of millions per year. Selling us health-threatening products and marketing them as safe and even desired without adequate oversight. This is not unique to the food industry of course but the ignorant consumption of processed foods without questioning has a direct link to present and future health of ourselves and the families we feed. The Western World is drowning in a health epidemic. We are offered and supplied pharmaceuticals to ease and hide our symptoms. How many of the illnesses of society both physical and mental could be addressed with open discussion and critically examination of our fundamental diets? This book and the previous two works in this series should be a valuable starting point to liberating your life away from the enslavement of poor health and the ignorant acquiescence (I'm not blaming the reader) towards the food producers and the questionable practices of the industry. Get informed, educate your loved ones, regain your sovereignty and live better and healthier. Below is a selection of the subjects and questions this book explores: What Does Food Processing And Additive Use Really Mean? Natural or Artificial? You Tell Me What the 'food business' really means What is Cheese, Glucono-Delta Lactone and Chymosin Potato Protein Extracts (PPE's) Tomatoes, Starches and Modifications Sealing, Citric Acid, Labels and Extracts Food Ingredients Global is part of Big Agriculture How to Avoid Processed Foods Is Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG) Dangerous? Artificial Sweeteners Examples of chemical gack, disguised as food, we used to eat How Did It Come To This? Origins of modern UK Food Law Origins of Food Law in the US Where do E numbers come from? Perspectives on Food law in the modern world Aspartame - An Overview Demonstrating How Not To Regulate What is Aspartame? Aspartame Metabolism Aspartame, Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Risk Assessment Approving Aspartame Artificial Sweeteners High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Sugar Artificial Sweeteners and the Sugar Alcohols Artificial Sweeteners Diet and Microbes Psychology, Hormones and Obesity Sucralose Neotame Saccharine Saccharine Sodium Stevia Don't forget to check out the previous two books in this series from Mark Plummer Introducing Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs: The History, Research and the TRUTH You're Not Being Told WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BREAD?: The Chorleywood Bread Process About the Author Mark Plummer B.Sc. /PGCE Mark Plummer trained and taught science in Spain until a confluence of austerity, divorce and new love brought him back to the UK. He has worked on behalf of most major UK charities, environmental and NGO you can think of. He was a fundraiser, data inputter, administrator and every role in between and back again. Aside from that, he has paid his dues on the chalk face of terrible temporary and agency jobs. Bitter experience has taught him, don't let it grind you down, remember you have rights, join a union and you can say NO! Today he divides his time between writing, campaigning and teaching. His leisure time involves music, film, literature and the kitchen as well as spending quality time (what other time is there?) with friends and family.