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Hers to Keep, Paperback/Anna Stone

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Description Lindsey had big plans for her post-art school life--a successful art career, excitement, adventure, meeting the man of her dreams. She never expected she'd end up joining a sugar baby website to pay off her crippling debt. And she definitely didn't expect that her first client would be a charming, vivacious woman named Camilla. The older woman has an unusual proposal for Lindsey--move into her mansion for three months as her girlfriend and submissive, and all of Lindsey's financial woes will disappear. It's the perfect solution to Lindsey's problems, and she can't say no to three months of pleasure and luxury beyond her wildest dreams. Camilla has made it clear that she's comfortable with the arrangement. A difficult life has left the solitary woman hesitant to let anyone get too close. And Lindsey isn't attracted to women, anyway. It's all just a charade. Until it isn't. When Lindsey can no longer deny her feelings toward her Mistress, she runs the risk of losing everything. It was all supposed to be pretend. One big lie. What happens when the lie becomes the truth?