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Hogfather/Terry Pratchett

The Discworld Christmas novel, now with a festive new cover and introduction by Tony Robinson. 'Has the energy of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the inventiveness of Alice in Wonderland' Sunday Times The Discworld is very much like our own - if our own were to consist of a flat planet balanced on the back of four elephants which stand on the back of a giant turtle, that is . . . It's the night before Hogswatch. And it's too quiet. Superstition makes things work in the Discworld and undermining it can have Consequences. The big jolly fat man is missing, and it's just not right to find Death creeping down chimneys and trying to say Ho Ho Ho . . . It's the last night of the year, the time is turning, and if Susan, Gothic governess and Death's granddaughter (sort of), doesn't sort everything out by morning, there won't be a morning. Ever again . . .