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I Was Born to Destroy Hell, Paperback/Tim Ehmann

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Description 'I Was Born to Destroy Hell' is the second book of Tim Ehmann. Like his first book 'I Met God in Hell" Tim Ehmann gives us an even more brilliant description of Heaven, focusing on new revelation and on the ancient truths of Jesus. This book gives a more accurate detail on the appearance of Jesus and all of heaven, but most important, the heart of God. A Continuing theme with his first book, Tims message is of a true love affair with the Lord Jesus, which of course is our salvation. Tim devotes several chapters of the new book 'I Was Born to Destroy Hell' to uncommon miracles and the 3rd Great Awakening. When Jesus appeared to Tim and saved him, at the very gate of hell, on September 1, 2000, the last words of that 8 hour conversation was 'Timmy, I saved you, Now you Go and save my Children' So needless to say there are many new and thorough descriptions of heaven and of course hell, which has been on the heart of Tim Ehmann to release to the world. This ministry is a miracle ministry, it started with this miracle, and we have seen miracle ever since. There is also a couple of chapters on the Christian music market and a rare insight on the entertainment industry. This book is a great revelation for the saved and the unsaved, for the mature in the Lord and for a brand new convert. The graphic descriptions of the horrors of hell, and what Tim Ehmann saw is well worth the price itself, but what i like the most is the accurate descriptions of Jesus ever written, and the spiritual laws of heaven. There are several chapters devoted to teaching on the gifts, on the faith walk, and of course the most important subject, salvation. Without that nothing else matters, Jesus said 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but through me. Without this basic truth there is no salvation. This book shows you the outrageous and out of control Love of Jesus for each and every one of us. It's the love of God that brings us to salvation, and this book shows you in how many different ways JESUS speaks to us, and shows us the way back home to heaven. Realize through your own life how many times God perfomed miracles to get your attention. Know the day of your salvation. Come and Join us in Heaven. Tim Ehmann Website: www.TimEhmannProductions.com