Increase Your Income at Least $7000 a Week with Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery Games: Make Money Regularly/Evenson Dufour image0
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Increase Your Income at Least $7000 a Week with Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery Games: Make Money Regularly/Evenson Dufour

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Description The system in this book can be apply wherever in the world there are Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games; in which the combinations are from 0 to 9. Good for all states in the U.S. that have PICK 3 and PICK 4 Lottery GAMES Relax and get ready to discover a wonderful system Right at the beginning of this book, I am going to use a nice and easy formula to warm you up. Don't worry it's going to be very easy to understand. Now, I have to tell you that this formula is not a mathematical formula. You will see that I have already done the hard part for you. Therefore, you're only going to easily select your numbers to play. Yes, you will see further in this book, only one thing that you will have to do is to pick your numbers or your combinations. You have to promise me that you are not going to stop making money. In addition, you have to promise me that you will never get tired of picking up your money from lottery retailers. Furthermore, you have to promise yourself today that win money will be your second nature. Moreover, you have to promise yourself that you will use your money wisely. Finally, you have to promise yourself that you will invest your profits so that money might steadily keep flowing into your life. If you can't keep up your promises, please stop reading this wonderful book now Let's write a motivating formula now S+P+L = W. Yes, we know that strategy, persistence, and luck equal to win. Never say that you are not lucky I was up late last night figuring out new simple formulas that could help me to win; then help other people to win too. While I was thinking about the formulas, I had a great feeling. The formulas are: A) (x+a), (-y+b), (-z+c)= Pw; B) (-x+a), (+y+b), (-z+c)= Pw; C) (x-a), (-y+b), (-z+c)= Pw; D) (+x-a), (+y+b), (+z+c)= Pw I would like to tell you that x, y, z are chosen variables based on simple addition and a, b, c are numbers from the combination that was previously drawn, and Pw is what I've called possibility to win. I want to keep everything easy and simple for you to understand. Remember that these formulas are the results of my thinking and so they're not absolute. You can change them as you want. I went to the state Florida lottery website; then I saw the combination that was drawn for PICK 3: 299 for that evening. I said, "2,9,9." Ok Remember that 2 = 1+1 or 2+0 or 0+2. And 9= 4+5 or 5+4, I had to be smart, lucky, and consistent to increase my options to win. I would like to tell you that you can decide to apply all my formulas or you might just pick one, two or three of them. But do your best to at least come up with about 5 or 10 to 15 different combinations when using any of these formulas. I used the first formula (A) which's (x+a), (-y+b), (-z+c)= Pw. Remember the winning number on 6/08/2018 for the evening drawing was 299. We know that 2 = 1+1 and 2 = 2+0; and 9= 4+5 or 5+4. From the 1+1 because the addition is made with a common number which's 1 so I said let have x equal to one x=1. The number 9 in the combination 299=(abc) with (a=2; b=9; c=9) is common and 9 can be equal to 4+5 or 5+4 or 7+2 or 2+7 or 8+1 or 1+8 or 6+3 or 3+6 or 9+0 or 0=9... So, if x=1; y=4; z=2 Using the first formula (A): (1+2), (-4+9), (-2+9) = 3,5,7 The next day 06/09/2018, for the midday drawing, I played a set of about 50 combinations for $50 at $1 each. Then at about 2:15PM, I checked the state of Florida lottery website, and for midday drawing for the PICK 3 Game I saw 357, and I had it among my numbers. I was so happy with my $450 profit. Now I think you're feeling very happy because you have made an intelligent decision to buy this book which's between your hands right now. If you want to listen and apply the principles in this book, you're going to make a hell lot of money. I would like to advise you to invest responsibly, so you should never go over your budget About the Author Evenson Dufour Pros. Doctorate Candidate M.A. degree in Global Management (International Business) NSU B.A. degree in Political Science (FIU) Certified in Global Marketing (Graduate Level at NSU) A.A. degree in sciences (PBSC) Writer Certified in Latin American, Caribbean & Cuban Politics (FIU) Certified in Accounting & Business mathematics (School of Business Julien Craan) Member of PI Sigma Alpha -The National Political Science Honor Society Member of Delta Epsilon Iota -Academic Honor Society President's Academic Honor List at (PBSC) National Dean's List at (PBSC) National Dean's List at (FIU) National Dean's List at (NSU)