Journey of Faith for Adults, Catechumenate Leader Guide, Paperback/Redemptorist Pastoral Publication image0
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Journey of Faith for Adults, Catechumenate Leader Guide, Paperback/Redemptorist Pastoral Publication

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The ever-popular and long-running RCIA program, Journey of Faith , welcomes adults of all ages and backgrounds to the Catholic faith and meets them where they are in their own faith journey, using an engaging pastoral style. Now with a new, more modern design, Journey of Faith combines discussion questions, private journaling, and other activities to appeal to a variety of learners, offering a program that's flexible enough for you to modify to your particular needs. For parishes that enjoy Liguori's Catholic Update newsletter, lesson-by-lesson references allow you to easily supplement any topics with timely and enlightening articles. The lessons in Catechumenate guide participants toward full conversion by discussing core concepts of Catholic belief and practice in straightforward language using real-life examples. Complex and sensitive issues are addressed from a contemporary perspective with authority and understanding. The topics in Catechumenate include the RCIA process and rites, salvation history, each of the sacraments, Church history, dignity of life, social justice, and moral living. The comprehensive Leader Guide give you everything you need to walk into your RCIA class and start leading--whether you're a veteran RCIA instructor or a first-time volunteer. The expanded materials include: New, wraparound design that enables you to see what your participants see so you can spend more time teaching and growing in faith alongside your group Complete instructions for how to use Journey of Faith with an explanation of the lesson plan components including schedule options Tips on how to be an effective catechist Practical suggestions for teaching in a group setting Additional discussion points prepare you for their responses and keep the conversation going A complete glossary of all new concepts and terms taught in the lessons Supplemental material suggestions such as The Word Into Life scriptural study for RCIA groups and the popular Catholic Update newsletters on core RCIA topics.