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Landmarks: The Modern House in Denmark, Hardcover/Michael Sheridan

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The human being was at the center of Danish modernism. Traditional craftsmanship and a high degree of quality influenced both its design and its architecture. Alongside the construction of numerous groundbreaking public buildings, the 1950s and 60s saw the design of many single-family homes based on an aesthetic that focused on truth to materials, honesty in construction and the reduction of form. Built of wood and brick and with practical, informal floor plans and large glass surfaces that opened up the interior of the house to nature, the best of these homes still fulfill their tasks to this day. Landmark: The Modern House in Denmark is a compendium of selected buildings examined in detail, including icons such as Utzon House by J rn Utzon, Arne Jacobsen's Siesby House and the B gh Andersen House by J rgen Bo and Vilhelm Wohlert. It includes new, full-color photographs that document the buildings as well as discussions on the history of each one's design and construction. Biographies of the architects round out the volume.