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Many Luscious Lollipops, Paperback/Ruth Heller

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Perfect for introductory grammar lessons What is an adjective? Explore language and discover how to identify and create many different types of adjectives, from demonstratives to articles to proper adjectives. ``To further a child's grasp of the meaning and function of adjectives, this gorgeous picture book provides enrichment and depth of understanding... A visual and auditory feast, designed to make language discovery appealing and rewarding.`` --Publishers Weekly ``An excellent and enjoyable introduction to grammar both for younger children who will respond to the verse and images and for older children who will get an overview of adjectives and their uses.`` --School Library Journal ``The brilliantly colored illustrations are grand attention grabbers that give the unabashedly technical terms real punch.`` --Kirkus Reviews About the Exploreseries: Dedicated to helping children learn a variety of nonfiction subjects, the Explore series uses pitch-perfect rhyming text and brilliantly illustrated images to make learning fun.