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McGraw-Hill Education Math Grade 8, Second Edition, Paperback/McGraw-Hill Education

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All the Math Your 8th Grader Needs to Succeed This book will help your elementary school student develop the math skills needed to succeed in the classroom and on standardized tests. The user-friendly, full-color pages are filled to the brim with engaging activities for maximum educational value. The book includes easy-to-follow instructions, helpful examples, and tons of practice problems to help students master each concept, sharpen their problem-solving skills, and build confidence. Features include: - A guide that outlines national standards for Grade 8 - Concise lessons combined with lot of practice that promote better scores--in class and on achievement tests - A pretest to help identify areas where students need more work - End-of-chapter tests to measure students' progress - A helpful glossary of key terms used in the book - More than 1,000 math problems with answers Topics covered: - Solving problems with rational numbers - Approximating irrational numbers - Ratios, proportions, and percents - Roots and exponents - Performing operations with scientific notation - Analyzing and solving linear equations and pairs of linear equations -Graphing proportional relationships and functions -Customary and metric units of measure, including conversions -Geometric transformations -Using the Pythagorean Theorem -Solving problems involving volume of cones, sphere -Analyzing patterns in bivariate data, including probability