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My First 1000 Words, Hardcover/Caroline Modeste

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Babies and toddlers will be entertained and engaged by this book. They will identify with the activities and objects it shows because it is all about what happens in a child's day, at home, at school and out and about. My First 1000 Words shows 1000 objects and activities in cheerful drawings divided into three sections, which include: "The Day" features 12 double pages of words about a child's day: I wake up, getting dressed, the city, kindergarten, numbers, colors, meals, shopping, play, bath time, dinner. "Activities" presents four double page spreads of fun things to do: Sports, music, the circus, the zoo. "The World" shows what is beyond the child's home from closest to farthest: Firemen, vehicles, the train station, the airport, the countryside, the forest, the mountain, the seaside, cold countries, hot countries, the stars. There are at least 40 words illustrated and labeled on each page. The layouts vary between pages to keep readers' eyes engaged. The images have enough detail and humor for adults and children. Young readers can browse for the fun of it or read with an adult's help. My First 1000 Words provides a child with new content every time he opens the book. It's ideal for bedtime, quiet alone time, and learning new words. Special young reader features include durable plastic-coated pages and rounded corners.