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Punisher: Suicide Run, Paperback/Steven Grant

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Frank Castle stars in an explosive epic so big it took three titles to contain itWhen the Punisher undertakes his most extravagant hit of all - collapsing an entire skyscraper on a group of crime bosses - he ends up presumed dead himselfA vigilante vacuum is created on the streets, and a number of psychopathic killers lay claim to the Punisher's crown - and iconic chest symbolTake your pick from the skull-masked Hitman, jaded cop Lynn Michaels, postal worker Desmond Kline, media-savvy author Dean Swaybrick or British Frank-ophile OutlawBullets fly as the pretenders take on criminals and each other, learning the hard way that to step into Castle's shoes is virtual suicide... But in all the chaos, will the one true Punisher make his return? COLLECTING: PUNISHER (1987) 85-88, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (1987) 61-64, PUNISHER WAR ZONE (1992) 23-25