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Sleep While I Sing: Karl Alberg #2, Paperback/L. R. Wright

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Karl Alberg was a big-city cop before moving to the "Sunshine Coast" of Canada. He solved crimes involving gangsters, druglords, real low-lifes. He can't possibly be stumped by a murder in this sweet little town? But he is. The woman was found propped against a tree, her pretty face scrubbed clean, and her slender neck slit from one side to the other. And that is all anyone can tell Alberg. Her name? Not so much. So Alberg hires a local artist to draw her picture; maybe someone will recognize her...without, you know, the sliced-up neck. It's a brilliant idea. The answers pour in. And they all point to one potential suspect, which should make Alberg very happy. But it doesn't. About the Author LR Wright was a Canadian writer and author of nine mystery novels in the "Karl Alberg" series, including the Edgar-winning cult classic The Suspect, set in a small town on the "Sunshine Coast" of Western Canada.