So, You've Had a Stroke: Now What? a Book of Hope., Paperback/Christine Herrick Davis Phd image0
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So, You've Had a Stroke: Now What? a Book of Hope., Paperback/Christine Herrick Davis Phd

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During her career as a clinician and researcher, Christine H. Davis has worked with and written about the phenomenon of aphasia. Aphasia leads to word- and sentence-formation difficulties and is associated with damage to the left hemisphere of the brain often from strokes or tumors. Davis was urged by stroke survivor, Michael W. Maher, to write these stories as a valuable contribution to the aphasia literature as experienced by her patients. These stories are from the survivor's perspective as they struggle to express themselves. Their battle to join their families and communities says much about what is crucial about language and the meaning of being human. The book is divided into sections by aphasia type: anomic, Broca's, Wernicke's and mixed aphasias. Within each section survivors and their families explain their recovery from the onset of the stroke through discharge home and into a meaningful life forward. Through the testimony of thirteen stroke survivors and seventeen of their family members, you gain an understanding of aphasia and the remarkable resilience of these survivors and their families. About the Author: Christine H. Davis has spent thirty years in clinical work with patients and researching aphasia. She is the facilitator of the sentence structure group at the UC Davis Medical Center and was inspired by her patients to share their stories. Davis has a master's degree in speech pathology and a doctorate in developmental psychology. Her work has been published in Cortex , Brain and Language , Aphasiology , and Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation . Michael W. Maher is a stroke survivor. He has written thirty textbooks and published more than thirty articles in various business, economics, and health-care journals. He is the former associate dean of the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis, and has received more than twenty awards for his academic accomplishments. Maricela Cortes has a degree in speech pathology. She assisted in the development of this book.