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The Complete Divorce Guide, Paperback/J. D. Brette Sember

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Everything you need to know about getting a divorce A fprmer divorce attorney and mediator and widely-published author on the subject walks you through the entire process in this comprehensive title. Looking at divorce from all angles--legal, social, psychological, and financial--this is a resource that speaks to everyone, from those just starting to contemplate separation, to those trying to renegotiate an unsatisfactory financial settlement. The issues are explored in depth including working with a Law Guardian or Guardian ad litem for custody, choosing a therapist, name changes, debt division, finding assets, alimony, working with an uncooperative spouse, steps to take to protect yourself before you file, annulment, covenant marriages, supervised visitation, relocation, Social Security, modifying child support, health insurance, rebuilding your life after the divorce and much more. 13. After Divorce