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The Haunting of Walter Rabinowitz, Paperback/Judie Rae

Effie Latimer is on a quest, a heroine's journey. The difficulty is, there are few prototypes. Dragon-slayers, explorers who are challenged to follow the wisdom of the heart, are rarely female. (Yes, there's Joan of Arc, but look what they did to her.) The novel, a story of obsessive love, is set in the late 1980s; it is a sometimes humorous psychological study of a woman in the throes of loss, a woman who listens to her heart but forgets to heed her head. Effie returns to college to pursue another post-grad degree and is wooed by a professor, an age-old tale, though when the man in question dumps her, as he has many other coeds, Effie decides to exact revenge--not in a malicious way, though one certainly troubling to her mentor. About the Author Judie Rae holds a Master's degree in Professional Writing. She is the author of four books for young people, including a Nancy Drew Mystery. She also authored a college thematic reader, Rites of Passage , and a poetry chapbook The Weight of Roses , published by Finishing Line Press. Her essays have appeared in The Sacramento Bee , as well as on San Francisco's NPR station KQED. She has also written for Outside California, Tahoe Quarterly, and Sacramento Magazine , and online for Women's Voices for Change. After twenty-seven years of teaching college English, Judie now concentrates on writing articles and essays primarily related to life in the Sierra Foothills, where, when she's not writing or gardening, she enjoys hiking the many trails around Nevada County.