The Snowflake Snatcher, Hardcover/Jennifer Garner image0
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The Snowflake Snatcher, Hardcover/Jennifer Garner

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During a winter-season celebration at the cozy cottage, one of the forest friends snatched all of Mama Louisa's freshly baked cookies for himself. When they noticed the cookies were missing, Mama Louisa and Papa Louis shared a story-complete with songs and baking-to help Mr. Crumpleton understand the value of sharing. Papa recounts a time when the people of Christmas Tree Village marveled at the largest Solstice Snowflake they had ever seen, until Simon the Snowflake Snatcher took the giant snowflake for himself, causing confusion across the land. Will this story of snowflake snatching be enough to convince Mr. Crumpleton that sharing with friends is better than keeping something all to himself?