The Unlikely Journey of Leo the Leaf, Hardcover/William J. Barker image0
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The Unlikely Journey of Leo the Leaf, Hardcover/William J. Barker

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This children's book with 22 colorful, vibrant illustrations is for early readers who play sports for the joy and excitement of the game. Leo the Leaf lives on a tree named Walt the Weeping Willow, just beyond the right field fence of a baseball field. Leo's favorite player is Big Mo, a 10 year old boy who is tall, lanky and slow. His teammates tease him and call him "Slow Mo." He's assigned to play right field, where he occasionally glances over the outfield fence to be cheered up by the happy, dancing leaves on Walt the Willow. Leo has a deep affection for Big Mo and tries to encourage him. When Big Mo comes up to bat in the biggest game of the season, he is inspired by Leo and the other cheerful leaves on Walt the Willow. He's able to overcome his anxiety, loosen his grip on the bat, and let his competitive juices flow What happens in the very next instant sends Leo on a remarkable, unpredictable journey and changes both Leo's life and Big Mo's life forever The theme is the emotional attachments and interdependence that develop between different forms of life. The scenes are set in real locations, spurring curiosity in the young reader's mind about southern New Jersey, the Delaware River and its tributaries, the Delaware Bay, and the town of Cape May, New Jersey. The story sheds light on the lives of willow trees and their leaves. The beauty and wonder found in every single day is highlighted, as is the everlasting lifespan of love.