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Trigonometry, Paperback/Denise Szecsei

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This title in the Homework Helpers series tackles the one of the most advanced mathematical course in most high schools: Trigonometry. The concepts are explained in everyday language before the examples are worked. Good habits, such as checking your answers after every problem, are reinforced. There are practice problems throughout the book, and the answers to all of the practice problems are included. The problems are solved clearly and systematically, with step-by-step instructions provided. Particular attention is placed on topics that students traditionally struggle with the most. While this book could be used to supplement a standard calculus textbook, it could also be used by college students or adult learners to refresh long-forgotten concepts and skills. Trigonometry includes concepts that have both a geometric and an algebraic component. Homework Helpers: Trigonometry covers all of the topics in a typical Trigonometry class, including: The unit circle Trigonometric functions Inverse trigonometric functions Identities Graphical analysis Applications This book also contains a review of the algebraic and geometric ideas that are the foundation of trigonometry.